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Up Beat

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Type to the rythem o the music. ASD JKL good luck!
vicky101 - Dec 30 - 11:10 pm    
on the first song(the weekend -Michael Gray), near the middle of the song, it says" I have to get my bitch, and flight tonight..." and in the song bring it back- pump, it says" you've got your head in your ass, and your treating it like a man..."LOL :}
cameem - Jun 24 - 12:00 am    
omg!!! i used to play this game ALL the time on miniclips but they took it down! I LUV THIS GAME!!! It just needs better songs and it would be awesome :-P
queen21962 - Nov 19 - 12:00 am    
thi sis awesome

Gotta register and login first sucka!