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Foxy Sniper

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Save the country from the evil terrorists, and look hot while doing it. Who said that all snipers had to be in drab clothing? Play Foxy Sniper now!
BooBooAlyQ - Feb 18 - 12:00 am    
i think something is wrong with level 4 you wait for the agent to leave and it says that you failed but the objective is to wait for him to leave and shoot the terrorists. I'M CONFUSED!
yjatta - Dec 18 - 12:00 am    
Sexymale41 - Jan 24 - 12:00 am    
This is a good game.One question how do u shoot both of those guys?I did it before but i can't seem to do it again.I don't know what is up with me. :)
brandon - Nov 8 - 12:00 am    
How good is the game

Gotta register and login first sucka!